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We have undertaken extensive research into discovering what the financial industry need from their CPD. From this wide ranging feedback we have designed a CPD program customised to your industry.

ISM BOOST CPD has a range of fantastic features, and can be customised to what your organisation needs from your CPD platform.

It includes:

  • An easily accessible holistic platform working either as a complete CPD solution or a program complementing your current CPD activities.
  • A program to gain skills and knowledge and not just tick the boxes.
  • Consistently refreshed content, written by industry experts.
  • A large range of subject matter, covering topical industry issues.
  • CPD bytes delivered in multiple media formats from Text, Videos and flash files.
  • Content covering all levels of CPD, from Director to Responsible Managers to Representatives.


  • A dedicated HR login which allows you to produce an easily accessible report on the progress of your staff CPD throughout the year, at any time.
  • A printable certificate for staff on completion of each of their CPD activities.
  • A system which allows the participants to know exactly where they are with their own CPD hours at any time.
  • The ability for the organisation to customise the range of content available to your staff.
  • Verification of the quality of the CPD content by a reputable training company.
  • The ability to add attendance and completion of external CPD activities into our Boost program, allowing you to collate ALL of your CPD activities in one place.
  • One easy to manage yearly subscription fee, that allows you to access unlimited content within the site. **content released is appropriate to position.

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  • "With Police Bank being a Mutual Bank, one of the benefits of using a company like ISM, is that the staff are exposed to how other financial institutions operate, and how the staff need to understand we are competing against the Big 4 and Brokers and not other Mutual Banks.  This insight made a huge impact to the team, and made them re-evaluate how they operate.......In every Product suite we found an increase in both "number of products" and "value of these products."
    Mark HudsonGeneral Manager Operations, Police Bank

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